Edinburgh Half Marathon - Jake Brockwell

Yet another crack at the sub 1.20 half! 

After 5 half marathons I missed the sub 1hr 20min still eludes me. After Norwich this year, I got home and signed up to Edinburgh (a notoriously quick course!). Unfortunately, at the beginning of May I tore my gluteal muscle which took me out for 3 weeks. Learnt my lesson to actually stretch and foam roll etc now (Got to keep Lorna happy!)

It was touch and go whether I’d be on the start line or not with the injury but it seemed a shame to come all that way (+ all that $$$$) and not try and at least get round. 

In the end, it was more the lack of fitness and training rather than the injury which showed through in the first half of the race. From 5 to 9 miles I settled into a nice rhythm and looked on course for a 1.20/21. At mile 9 the form fell to bits, the left glute and hamstring seemed to go from under me. The pace went from 6.05/mile to 6.50/mile, the pain just wouldn’t let me go any quicker. It was a brutal last few miles, and I crossed the line in 1.22.30. Chuffed with that time to be honest, before the race I honestly thought just finishing would be a miracle. Hopefully with a bit more training, the sub-1.20 target will come at Peterborough this Autumn. Even managed a hobble up Arthur’s Seat the next day!

Unfortunately, the last few miles of the race took its toll and did some hefty damage to the injury. Back on the bike and in the water for now. Thanks as ever to Beacon tri and all of our sponsors (Chestnut Nursery, Tri -Harder, Ride Harder, Schwalbe Tyres, Xtenex Laces and Sport Link) for their continued support.