Nottingham Triathlon - Matt Floyd

 Nottingham race report: This race was a GB qualifier for the European Championships in Glasgow in August 2018. The start was brutal. I was amongst the middle-middle part of the wave. I received multiple swings, dunks and scratches, resulting in my slowest 750m swim time ever. The poor swim start, was followed by a poor T1. The marginal aero gains of my helmet (kindly leant to me by GBR Brockwell) which would have saved seconds on the bike leg, were unfortunately lost, by trying to strap my helmet. The bike leg was a fast one, averaging over 24mph- I overtook a fair few. The bike leg was also a frustrating one. 200m in front of me, a pack of 10 guys were in their own little chain gang; very cheeky in a non-draft legal race. And the fact that no one was disqualified, bewildered me. The run was great, with a time of 18.20 (5K). I came 8th in my age group with a sprint PB of 1:01:50. I was successful in qualifying to represent GB age groupers at Glasgow. Very happy that the training had paid off and the 4 weeks sober prior to the race was worth it.