Blenhiem Triathlon - Matt Floyd

Blenheim Palace tri race report: The aim of Blenheim Palace Tri was to finish within the top 10. This year I felt stronger than ever and ready to smash the swim. The swim commenced at 11am, the wave consisting of 400 brave souls. I managed to get out the main pack early on, swimming in relatively clean water. The two in front were swimming to the first buoy, instead of the further one located at 500m out. As a result, I made some marginal ground on them. I came out of the water around 5th. T1 which is a 400m run up hill with an average gradient of 4-5%, was brutal. Luckily the other triathletes were also in the pain cave, I overtook 3 guys. For T1 I had the 6th fastest split. The cycle was my least favourite discipline of the day. I couldn’t really get into it and next year I will defiantly use my road bike opposed to my TT bike, partly because there are so many rolling hills. I overtook one other guy on the bike and came into T2 2nd overall in my wave. The run was actually pretty good considering I had been injured for a good while, 3 weeks prior. This did hamper my build up, but to go sub 4.00/km pace at Blenheim is alright going. In my wave I finished 2nd and overall 12th out of 4200 other competitors. Next year a top 10 finish I am very hopeful of!