Mad March Hare - Jake Brockwell

The ‘Mad March Hare 10k’, should have been renamed ‘Mad April Hare 10k’ since it was postponed from the beginning of March due to snow! The conditions were (only slightly!) better than in March: the cold was worsened by the strong biting wind. Thanks to senior Athlete James Chapman cheering me on!

I set out with the 2nd pack on the road, we worked well together taking turns in the wind. It felt good and I got into a good rhythm at about 5.45-50/mile, running side-by-side with my training partner Sam Kenmore switching 3rd/4th place. Around 4k in, my asthma started to take hold. This was probably due in part, to the weather and worsened by my cold. I knocked off the pace and went into damage limitation mode. Running into the fierce headwind on my own was pretty brutal, it felt like I was going backwards. I was trying to cough up the phlegm so I could breathe… but this made me retch!

I eventually plodded over the line in 9th place, in 38.30. Though it’s probably one to forget, it was good character building in the conditions. Next up on 13th May, is the Norfolk County Athletics Championships 800m with Beacon Triathlete, Alfie Bentley. Then, it’s off to the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May.

Thanks as ever to Beacon Tri and all our sponsors for their continued support.