Spring Waveny Triathlon - Rob Aldous

I had hoped to leave the bad weather with my race a Diss but it was not to be another grey and slightly damp day welcomed me at Waveney. The race was pool based meaning small waves of five people but the rush from being first out from my wave was still a great motivator only to be dampened about 3K into the bike when I was overtaken by someone else in my wave. After that it was a somewhat lonely ride the small waves meaning everyone was very spread out on the bike however that wouldn’t last when I passed fellow athlete Lauren who was marshalling at this race I expected this to be the only friendly face I would see during the race however not a few kilometres later I passed Ian and Matt at the side of the road after what I would later find out was a rear wheel blowout. After that it was plain sailing back to transition and into a run that was never flat but after a hill session the week before I was well prepared to smash it up the hill to the turnabout point and the empty the tank on the return journey. Crossing the line I was happy with my results and another good race under my belt, however I am still looking forward to my first race in the sun this year.