Diss Duathlon - Rob Aldous

Waking up to a wet and grey day is never how you want a race day to start luckily by the time I had arrived and racked up the rain had stopped leaving the race to just be a cold and damp. At the start of the race I found myself running in a good group running the pace I wanted which made the first 5K fly by, entering into transition I felt good and knuckled down into a cold 30K on the bike where the largest challenge was avoiding all the flint on the road form the snowfall that had happened in the weeks previous, a challenge that would seemingly catch many out from those I passed walking dejectedly toward the finish. Coming out again for the final run I felt strong and pushed through enjoying the downhill into the town centre before chasing a man in a bright blue Yorkshire kit for the remaining 2K to the line. The pace from the chase gave me allowed a good finishing time that all things considered I was proud of.