Diss Duathlon - Miriam Tyler

Diss Duathlon - 8th April 2018

The morning of the duathlon started with grey skies and drizzle, not the ideal conditions for the race.  As my first race of the year, I was aiming for a warm up race to get ready for the season ahead. The three of us racing for Beacon Tri were kitted out in our new tri suits, thanks to Epic Orange and brightened up the otherwise grim conditions! 

I went steady for the first run, as one of my first duathlons I wasn’t sure how hard to go and didn’t want to have jelly legs before I’d even got on the bike. Into transition and out onto the bike course. It took a lot of concentration over the 3 laps of the bike course to avoid all the flint and potholes but fortunately I made it through to the second transition unscathed. There were a fair few who weren’t so lucky and had to make use of our free puncture repair kit we were given at registration. The second run went fine and as I ran through the finish line to all the loud cheers of Beacon Tri, I was told since I could still talk I hadn’t tried hard enough. Next time I will, promise! 

Despite not having as fast results as I’d hoped, it was great having the support and encouragement of Beacon Tri, before and during the race, particularly the last minute fixing of my bike! I came second in my age group and 6th overall so hopefully this will set me up for some good races later this year and some good experience for other duathlons.