Beacon Tri has come out of the need to create an athlete focused team where young talent can be given the chance to excel.

Norfolk and Suffolk over the past few years have produced very talented triathletes who have excelled at all distances of the race. Beacon Tri has come out of a need for there to be a place where young talented triathletes can ask for guidance and advice from more experienced athletes. 

We understand that triathlon isn’t an easy sport to get into if you are young; there is much to consider from traveling to races to the funding of equipment. Therefore we aim to help lighten the burden of these factors so that our athletes can focus on their racing. 

When it comes to competitive sport, sportsmen and women can be self focused and a tad ruthless. This can be a great asset when it comes to racing and training but doesn’t have to be the way in everyday life. This is why at Beacon Tri we are very focused on being an ethical team. Whether this comes from our work with schools and nurseries to helping out at local village fetes, we aim to give back to the community that we come from.